Our professional and caring team have been working in the veterinary industry for many years bringing together their vast knowledge to our beautifully presented, family run practices.


Dr Scott Miller

Principal Veterinary Surgeon & Partner

Qualifications: BVSc MRCVS LVI and studying for Masters in Wild Animal Conservation Medicine.
Pets: Betty the Border Terrier, Skull Crusher (aka Skully and Branston’s sister), Rickets the cat, Cookie the hedhehog, Beaches the Tortoise as well as fish and chickens.
Hobbies: Playing tennis, going to the gym, travelling and gardening.

Maz Christien

Practice Manager


Pets: Branston, 2 tortoises Steve and Alan and an African house snake Gloria.
Hobbies: Spending time with my nieces and nephews.


Kirsty Hugo

Practice Administration

Pets: I have a rescue Staffie cross called Rizzo and a moggy called Boo
Hobbies: I am a trained make-up artist and my hobbies include walking Rizzo, going to the gym, drawing and reading.

Tanya Zinn

Practice Administration

Hobbies:  Being a mom, running, cooking and painting.

Elle Gouldon

Practice Administration

Pets:  Mother to an ever expanding family of two children, 2 dogs, one cat and a gecko called Gary!
Hobbies:  I love spending time with friends.


Tadanori Hashimoto


Veterinary Surgeon

Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan.
Qualifications:  BVSc, CertAVP (SAM), MRCVS.
Pets: One Jack Russel Terrier named Harvey.
Hobbies: Fossil hunting with Harvey, reading, water colour painting.

Phoebe Parnian

Practice Administration

Qualifications: BVetMed MRCVS.
I graduated from the Royal Veterinary College.
Pets: I have two mini lion lop rabbits called Millie and Lilly.
Hobbies:  Travelling, going to concerts and festivals, sailing, painting and cooking.


Georgina Birch


Senior Staff

Qualifications:  RVN – I am a Registered Veterinary Nurse and have recently trained as a clinical coach. I studied animal management at college and I’ve been in practice for 5 years.
Pets: I have two cats, Ella and Oscar, one of which I hand reared from 3 days old(Oscar). I have a rescue Staffie from battersea called Tink and she is 11 years old.
Hobbies: In my spare time I like reading, spending time with my animals and socialising with friends.

Lisa Campbell


Senior Staff

Qualifications:  ANA
Qualifications: ANA (Animal Nursing Assistant).
Pets: Ted the Chihuahua.
Hobbies: Being a busy mum and socialising.

Samantha Gates 

Senior Staff

Qualifications: BSc in Bio Veterinary Science
Pets: I have 4 dogs – Jack and Diesel the Labradors, Speckles a collie cross and Enzo an English Bull Terrier cross. In my spare time I work at an animal rehoming centre and work with dogs with behavioral problems.
Hobbies: I love spending time with my woofs, baking and relaxing with friends and family.


Regan Massey

Trainee Nurse

Pets: Dog called Shiloh, cat called Ivy, and a corn snake called Allard.
Hobbies: Walking my dog, reading, watching movies, going to see live music.

Lilian Mettan-Ure

Trainee Nurse

Pets:  I have a Shetland Sheepdog called Shanti, a Border Terrier called Bobbie, a cat called Domino and a Syrian Hamster called Cricket.
Hobbies:  I am a member of the English Shetland Sheepdog Club and I regularly watch my local football team AFC Wimbledon play and take Bobbie to modelling shoots.


Alice Carpenter


Vet Care Assistant

Pets: I have Cindy the Turkish van cat, Ginger the tortoise and Sava my rescue dog from Romania.
Hobbies:Amateur dramatics, walking, photography, swimming and visiting my family in America.

Elizabeth Ellis

Vet Care Assistant

Place of Birth: I’ve recently moved to the UK from Melbourne, Australia where I grew up.
Pets:  I adore all animals, and have a longhaired tortoiseshell cat called Mamie.
Hobbies: In my spare time I love to paint, play violin, rummage through charity shops and go running.




Hobbies: Chasing and hiding tennis balls and performing tricks for treats!