Google’s ‘buy buttons’ on Mobile – Lets Users Shop Directly from Search Results Page

Google which is the most popular and remarkable Search engine providing its services all over the world, is planning to offer a best online shopping experience to you by initiating a beneficial feature. Very Soon, Google introduces a feature “buy buttons” that lets you purchase items straight away from the search results page on your mobile device.
People are getting habituated to use smartphones as a part of their lives. Meanwhile, the worldwide marketers are utilizing this opportunity in the best way and are enhancing the uniqueness and advancements to get compatible with the mobile devices. Google is not running behind this, instead, it came up with this new feature “buy buttons” where you could directly locate ads from the search results page on your mobile device.

The sponsored top results that are displayed on your mobile will be redirected to the special sales page which is hosted by the Google search engine. Then, Esha Gupta’s latest blog mac the users can select the type of product and purchase that product along with the preferred delivery date. Google also lets the users save the credentials of their credit card in order to finish the transaction hastily for the next time.
Google has initially given access only to the mobile version of its search pages and will be running with a limited percentage of search traffic.

Benefits of Google “buy buttons”

Currently, Google aggregates the product pricing information and is allowing the sellers to promote their product stores through Google Shopping so that the user directly redirects to the Third Party seller site or the store site. By this new “buy buttons” feature, the user can do online shopping on the Google Search page itself without any kind of redirection to other purchasing stores. This new “buy buttons” simplify the difficulty of the user so that they can directly purchase desired products on the Google Search page without visiting the site of particular product’s store.

Google “buy buttons” seems to diminish other Online Marketers

By introducing this new buy buttons, the marketing companies got upset as Google is diminishing their worldwide marketing and declining the sales. Hence, Google is planning to solve this issue by providing an option to the online shoppers in order to share their data with the stores.
According to the Journal notes, Google has decided Macy its first partner that sells just about everything and in the coming weeks, the latest ads could knockout your mobile search screen.

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